120 Seconds

120 Seconds

Sponsor: Sherwin Williams

Artist: Clay Mata

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Artist Statement:

I grew up in horse racing, I always say we were backside kids. My parents were groomers and hotwalkers. ln Illinois we lived at the track (those times were different) but when I was 6 years old, we moved to Kentucky. lt was different because we moved into an actual apartment, but I fell in love with the joy and excitement of Derby time.
The older I grew and Louisville became our home, the more I enjoyed it. It is an amazing time of year with weeks of celebration to get to the 1st Saturday of May when we all watch the Run for The Roses … a 2-minute race which lasts 120 seconds.

—Clay Mata

This statue was proudly sponsored by Sherwin-Williams who is Gallopalooza’s Official Paint Sponsor for 2024.


4702 Poplar Level Road Louisville, KY 40213 Sherwin Williams