The Power of Partnerships

As a non-profit, public-private partnership between the Brightside Foundation and Brightside Inc., it’s true that two heads can be better than one. Our unique relationship allows us to utilize the resources of Metro Government and those of private citizens, corporations and foundations, to improve the health and beauty of our community throughout Louisville and Jefferson County.


Community Partners

Our success is based solely by the people we surround ourselves with, meaning Brightside’s impact has been further strengthened by the collaboration with our many public and private partners who share our vision. We cannot say thank you enough.

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Board of Directors

Jeff English
Board Chair

Clark Material Handling USA

Chandrika Srinivasan
Board Secretary

Hance & Srinivasan

Jennifer McGill
Board Treasurer

Papa John’s

Brandan Burfict

LG&E and KU

Brandon Coan

Applied Civics

Will Fensterer

Capital Access Corporation

Jason Larkin

Messer Construction Co.

Gina O’Brien


Louis Straub, II

Independence Bank of Kentucky

Lorri Roberts

Brightside Inc. Director


Michelle Black White
Foundation Director

Brightside Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 70362
Louisville, KY 40270

Amber Halloran
Chief Financial Officer

Brightside Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 70362
Louisville, KY 40270


Vanesha Beeler
Administrative Coordinator

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our success relies on those who join us in our mission. Partner with us to make Louisville even more beautiful.

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