A Greener Louisville

A major part of what makes our city so beautiful is the combination of living and green spaces that highlight the perfect mix of nature and humanity. Our dedication to maintaining those beautiful spaces can be seen through efforts to clean, plant new foliage, and conserve & expand the tree canopy.

New Canopy Trees
Daffodil and Wildflower Bulbs


Trees are an imperative initiative in Brightside’s mission to incorporate programs focusing on planting and expanding the tree canopy.


The impact of green spaces on the community can be priceless. Strategically placed trees help homeowners and businesses save on air-conditioning costs by providing shade and even decrease heating costs in the winter by providing insulation from the cold. Trees can help businesses be more successful, with shoppers in tree-lined commercial districts reporting more frequent shopping, longer trips, and willingness to spend more on goods. Trees also increase property values, with each tree adding up 1% to the sales price of a home or building.


See the power of green all around us. The most well-known environmental benefit of trees is improved air quality. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, the energy cuts they provide means less pollution from power plants. Environmental benefits extend to the water supply; trees reduce the amount of stormwater runoff entering sewers and purify polluted water that runs through their roots. The shade trees provide not only helps individual homes, but on a larger scale reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect, which describes the temperature increase in urban areas due to development and the resulting lack of vegetation.


We’re set to thrive in a greener world. A tree-filled community is not only a sustainable one but a healthier and safer one as well. Reduced air pollution from trees helps alleviate respiratory problems and exposure to trees reduces mental fatigue. Research shows that trees help reduce crime rates and foster more sociable neighborhoods, creating a safe and close-knit community. This is because the presence of trees beautifies an area, fostering civic pride. People are more likely to participate in and care about a city they are proud of and less likely to damage through crime.

wintergreen barberry leaves
up close photo of two yellow daffodils

Daffodils and Wildflowers

Our interstate highway beautification project places flowers along the interstate entrance/exit ramps and medians. Flower selections may include Brightside’s signature daffodil bulb mixture (blooming in the spring) or native blends of mixed wildflowers (blooming in stages throughout the summer). In the past three years, Brightside planted over 675,000 daffodil bulbs along Interstate 71 and Interstate 64 into Spaghetti Junction, creating a welcoming harbinger of Spring in Louisville to be enjoyed for years to come.

BrightSite Broadway Baxter Cherokee intersection


Our mini botanical gardens are located across the metro area. Studies show that green oases, such as these, build civic pride and inspire neighbors to keep the area looking its best. Project BrightSite was started in 1987 with the purpose of taking small parcels of city-owned property and partnering with businesses or other agencies to donate plant material and maintain the newly-landscaped area. That tradition continues today.


Your donation directly improves the green spaces, tree canopies and reduces litter to create a greener Louisville.

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