Freedom Diseno


Sponsor: Louisville Tourism

Artist: Humberto Lahera

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WINNER for Best Kentucky Derby-Themed Design!

This statue honors William Walker, who rode Baden-Baden to win the Kentucky Derby in 1875.

This is one of the 11 Gallopalooza statues sponsored by Louisville Tourism, commemorating African American horsemen’s key role in building the foundation of horse racing.

Artist Statement:

The painting symbolizes freedom, by storytelling William Walker’s journey from enslavement to freedom and success. In the scene, Walker races with fervor from the fields toward the triumph of winning the Derby cup at Churchill Downs in 1877. The backdrop reflects the rural American landscape of the time. It’s a narrative of triumph over adversity, showcasing remarkable resilience and determination.

—Humberto Lahera


2820 W. Broadway Louisville, KY 40211 Goodwill Opportunity Campus - located inside building