Maestro of Roses

Maestro of Roses

Sponsor: Louisville Tourism

Artist: Winnie Tataw

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This statue honors Jimmy Winkfield, who rode His Eminence in 1901 and Alan-a-Dale in 1902 to win the Kentucky Derby two times.

This is one of the 11 Gallopalooza statues sponsored by Louisville Tourism, commemorating African American horsemen’s key role in building the foundation of horse racing.

Artist Statement:

My design is dedicated to jockey Jimmy Winkfield. I used his nickname, “The Black Maestro,” within the golden musical notes wrapping around the horse. Louisville has a long and extensive musical history and is the birthplace of bluegrass music. The golden threads that intertwine the horse reflect the threads and bindings of the past and future black jockeys and their golden racehorses that will take center stage and be celebrated as they race. Though my portrait of Jimmy is in black and white to represent his era, the rest of the horse is in color to define the future Jimmy paved for many other jockeys to come after him. The red and purple roses signify the Kentucky Derby and Jimmy’s flourishing legacy.

—Winnie Tataw


4309 W. Broadway Louisville, KY 40211 Yearlings Club