Protecting Endangered Species

Protecting Endangered Species

Sponsor: Shannon Ralston, Kentucky Colonel

Artist: Pat Pauley

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This statue was designed and painted by renowned wildlife artist, Pat Pauley, and will be a permanent fixture at the San Antonio Zoo in October 2024.

Artist Statement:

The creation of this artwork aims to raise awareness about the crisis facing endangered species worldwide. Numerous species are threatened by senseless poaching and the loss of their natural habitats. One side of the piece depicts endangered species from South Africa alongside a team of dedicated individuals working to ensure their survival. The other side features endangered species from Texas, including the Black-footed Ferret, once abundant but now absent from the wild due to habitat loss and mismanagement. It’s our responsibility as humans to safeguard the existence of these magnificent animals in Texas.

—Pat Pauley

This statue was proudly sponsored by Shannon Ralston, Kentucky Colonel. To learn more about the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, please visit


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