The Ville

The Ville

Sponsor: 10K Advisors

Artist: Enrique Andres Santiago

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Artist Statement:

For my mural entitled “THE VILLE” I was heavily inspired by Louisville Icons. I made an effort to keep our legends of old and new integrated into my design. In the middle of the piece, I included a rendition of Muhammad Ali’s iconic fight with Sonny Liston. You can spot Jack Harlow at the Churchill Downs right next to the “150” in the middle. Above that I encapsulated Louisville’s legendary producer “Static Major”. I also included multiple depictions of Louisville’s beautiful landmarks and architecture such as the world-famous “Louisville Slugger” Baseball bat factory. tI is my mission to incorporate the idea that people where we are from can change the WORLD. I chose my signature black and white to have these famous figures woven into the piece to encourage viewers to look and dig deep into the piece to see who and what else they will find. From afar, the design just looks like a really cool skin to have on the horse, but once you look closer you will see our city’s history.

—Enrique Andres Santiago


707 W. Main Street Louisville, KY 40202 Leadership Louisville Center