Whimsical Magic

Whimsical Magic

Sponsor: Capital Access Corp-Kentucky

Artist: Clay Mata

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Artist Statement:

I wanted to show a little history of jockeys that race the Kentucky Derby, I know it’s hard to put them all in this sketch so I researched and created a diverse and popular selection of jockeys in Kentucky Derby History and it can give a little story, so people can ask and research. Like hotwalkers, trainers, and horses, Jockeys are also very important in this race. From the first Kentucky Derby winner to win the most American Classic races and two Triple Crown titles, to the Puerto Rican Jockey who won the Kentucky Derby three times, and to the popular local jockey, Pat Day.

—Clay Mata

This statue is proudly sponsored by Capital Access Corporation – Kentucky

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4th and Main - Main side of building Louisville, KY 40202 Truist Building